[Image] There are two black house of worship buildings on the left-side and right-side of the image with the words "Community Programming" in black text. The two black buildings on the left-side are of a non-denominational house of worship and then a christian church. The two black buildings on the right-side are of a jewish synagogue and a muslim mosque. Interfaith Bridge Counseling offers individual counseling and groups for teens and young adults as well as community program and youth group training and support in Denver, Colorado.

We offer community programming and training for houses of worship, nonprofits, and youth groups of all kinds throughout Colorado.


Community Enrichment Programming


Community Programming

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Providing an unparalleled opportunity to see oneself through the eyes of their peers, our community programming is community-tailored and can be a truly transformative experience. Programming varies, but can include:

  • Processing the death of a Reverend or House of Worship Leader

  • Integration of youth program with overall congregation

  • White fragility inside the walls of worship

  • House of Worship Sermon

  • And many more

Though each program is specific to its intended community, each one is designed to encompass large groups, create braver spaces for inclusion, and use varying interfaith modalities.

Youth Group Training, Workshops, & Support

Offering an individualized, hands-on approach to youth group training and support, our programming bridges your youth and congregation together to create a spiritual home of abundance and inclusion. Our training and support covers a multitude of challenges and opportunities, but can include:

  • Increasing group and congregation attendance

  • Fostering multiculturally diverse and inclusive curriculum and events

  • Bridging young adults into the congregation after finishing youth group

  • Moving from a Sunday-only support model to a family and intergenerational support model

  • and much more.

Additionally, we are trained to provide youth-specific programming in your house of worship. Programming varies, but can include:

  • Our Wholes Lives Human Sexuality Education for Middle School & High School

  • Teen Spirituality Workshops

  • Suicide Awareness & Suicide Prevention Workshops

  • Weekend Teen Retreats

  • and many more

We customize all of our training and support for its intended community. Pricing varies and depends on the size of your congregation as well as youth participants. Houses of worship and non-profits may be eligible for free training, support, or programming. Please visit our Giving tab for more information and to apply.

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