[Image] A purple and dark blue rectangle outlining the words Teen Chat A GROUP FOR TEENS WHO FEEL ANXIOUS & STRESSED. Interfaith Bridge Counseling provides tween therapy group, teen therapy groups, and young adult therapy groups in Denver, Colorado.

[Image] Teal text that reads “$25” followed by black text that reads “per session.” Interfaith Bridge Counseling offers teen therapy groups in Denver, CO.

An on-going, bi-weekly group for teens who are feeling stressed and anxious, and are ready to feel confident and connected.

This teen support group provides each teen with a safe, but brave environment to explore everyday stressors while learning practical coping tools under the guidance of a teen therapist.

Scholarships available for those in need.

This group is for teens who are:


Our Facilitator

This teen group is on the southeast side of Denver, Colorado and is led by our Founder Lena McCain, MA, LPCC. Lena has her Masters in Clinical Mental Health: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. From the Southwest to the Great Lakes to here in Colorado, she has worked with teens of all different backgrounds from all over the nation for over 12 years. Lena has both witnessed AND experienced the excitement, the confusion, and the overarching curiosity that comes with discovering who we are and who we want to be as we navigate our adolescence. 

Together, Lena and this teen group will create a safe but brave space to manage the ups and downs of emotions and everyday stressors.

[Image] A woman standing in front of a graffiti background with her arms raised above her head and her hands landing on a red beret. The woman is wearing a black long-sleeved crop top and a black high-waited skit with a silver zipper down the front. This woman's name is Lena McCain, she is both the Founder of Interfaith Bridge Counseling and the Group Facilitator of Teen Spirituality, a teen group at Interfaith Bridge Counseling.





+ How can a Teen Chat support group for teens help?

Teenagers of all backgrounds experience a variety of everyday stressors. These stressors often look like feelings of depression or anxiety, low self-esteem, loneliness, procastination, and even academic frustrations.

Our Teen Chat therapy group will help you or your teen:

Focus in on their short-term and long-term goals (and dreams!), while also gaining perspective and positive feedback from their peers to stay on track.

Practice positive communication with open and affirming peers, helping your teen to improve their mood and ability to understand their emotions.

Learn practical life skills and coping skills that help your teen manage their emotions without all those impulsive behaviors, procastination, or even isolation.

+ Who is able to join this support group?

This group is for teens 14-18 years old or who are still enrolled in high school or about to enter high school. All group members must come in for an initial intake to make sure they are ready to join this group.

+ When and where is the next group?

This teen group is an on-going, bi-weekly therapy group that meets every first and third Friday of the month from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm. This is not a drop-in group.

+ How much will this group cost? Do you accept insurance?

This group will cost $25 per session, which totals to $50 per month.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept insurance at this time. We are more than willing to provide you with a superbill for your insurance, though we cannot guarantee any reimbursement.

+ Will there be a minimum amount of sessions I have to pay for?

We ask that each participant make a three month committment, which will total to six sessions. Because of the nature of this group and the level of vulnerability that may be shared, we want to ensure that this group will give all participants a time to become part of the community.

+ Is your office ADA-accessible? What about LGBTQ+ friendly?

It is important to note that our office is ADA accessible and LGBTQ+ friendly, and that all group attendees reserve the right to accommodation. We are also LGBTQ+ friendly and affirming, and welcome all.

+ I noticed you're called Interfaith Bridge Counseling, is this group part of a specific religion or belief system?

No, this group is not a part of a specific religion or belief system. We use the word interfaith because to us, it means the exploration and bridging of various beliefs, traditions, cultures, and/or faiths. This is something that we believe all people can relate on, regardless of how they do or do not identify.

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